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the way things go

im not gona respond negatively, well maybe just slightly, but for the record. im not being immature, just because i don't want to sit there and take crap doesn't make me immature. and just because i don't want to talk to you until this dies down, doens't mean im immature, it just means i know that speaking when im angry is the best speech ill ever regret. but im not the only one being immature. stop thinking you're like an angel in this whole situation. the cutting comment only pisses me off cause you a. mocked me when we were already in a pissy mood, and b. because it wasn't like you cared at all that you would potentially hurt my feelings. but i don't care anymore. i just want it to go away. and just maybe, sometime we will talk again. until then, im just gona pretend nothing ever happened. minus the actual talking to you.
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