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a million broken hearts, plus a million. plus a million

oh you.
these words i speak for you.

he's a great kid.
yea we know this.
and you're probably like "yea we know this."
but you and i both know.
god do we know.
that when it comes down to it.
he's like kryptonite.
cause we both know you're superman
i couldn't tell you no this time
and i couldn't protect you
and i feel bad for sometimes thinking i could
cause i saw it coming
and you felt it coming
and we both knew this doesn't go away
you two are almost worse than me and him
i don't say his name anymore btw.
im afraid it'll break my heart
i can think it.
but i don't say it
anyways. this aobut you not me
at all costs it's about you
from the heart<3
cause i care
you knew this would happen
don't deny it
but you're not in too deep quite yet
so pull yourself out
cause being freinds is better than nothing
and you know you can't cross the line.
cause it'll drown you.
like every other time before.
as for them
i know their names and it's okay
you don't need to say them if it hurts your heart
cause i already knew their names
and maybe they'll linger along sometime soon
but just don't hold your hopes
and move on with your life
find new friends
i know it's not easy
but you can
you can
i know you can
you never needed someone to bring you down
you still don't
you don't need to hear your beautiful
you're beautiful
i would save you if i could
but i can't
i love you to peices
you're MY best friend.
always and forever best friends
best friends means freidns forever
and i would never not check this.
i may be busy
but there's always going to be time for you somewhere.
and ill even make space.
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