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bestfriends_x's Journal

Rachel and Kirstens community of hot shit
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11:59 p.m., 28 days later, adam brody, american hi-fi, anklets, ariel kill him, ashes, atom and his package, atreyu, bed, being alone, being listened to, being loved, ben mackenzie, black & white pictures, blackness, bobby pins, bouncy balls, bowling for soup, boys in eyeliner, camping, candles, cell phone, crying, cuddlig, darkness, dasani, deep talks, deep thoughts, drawing, duct tape, emo, evanescence, eye contact, eyeliner, falling in love, famous daves, final destination, fire, flip-flops, flying, frappacino, fresca, friends, get up kids, hair-dye, hanging out, hardball, holding hands, honesty, hoodies, horror movies, hugs, ice, jeans, jewelry, keys, kissing in the rain, lame jokes, late night talks, laughing, lights, lillix, lipgloss, listening, locks, love, makeup, markers, matchbook romance, matches, mcdonalds french fries, meeting new people, messy hair, mints, mirrors, mix cds, mixtapes, movies, mugs, music, my lj, nail polish, needles, noodles & company, old school nintendo, online friends, our lady peace, oversized safety pins, pajamas, paper, paper fights, parties, pens, perfume, phantom planet, photos, piercing, piggybanks, pillows, pinball, pink, playing in the rain, polka dots, popcorn, posters, pretzels, razors, rings, rings in general, sarcasm, scissors, screaming, silverchair, sixteen candles, skateboarders, skateboarding, slippers, sneaking out, socks, something corporate, sonic burgers, sour patch kids, speakers, starbucks, stars, stuffed animals, sugarcult, sunflower seeds, t-shirts, taking back sunday, tanning, tape, taylor handley, the 50s, the ataris, the breakfast club, the oc, thirteen, thumb rings, thunderstorms, walgreens, waterbottles, wind, windows, writing on my arms, xoxo, yellowcard, yoga